5 Differences Xiaomi 5A and Note 5A are the most prominent

5 Differences Xiaomi 5A and Note 5A are the most prominent. Original and Fake Xiaomi, now many on the market. Because the Xiomi brand is increasingly loved by many users. Because, good and qualified specifications can be purchased at relatively affordable prices. 

But who would have thought, the hardship of that was used by irresponsible individuals. By imitating Xiomi products and assembling them for what they really are. In fact, it is only a copy or KW performed by a certain person. Well, you as a User must be smart and be aware of this. So as not to buy wrong, then find out about the Original and Fake Xiaomi first.

Next, before determining the type of Xiaomi you bought. You also need to understand about the differences between Xiaomi and Gopro cameras. Why? Because, Xiaomi also has advantages in terms of cameras. Moreover, for you who like the world of Photography and Grammy. It is suitable to choose Xiomi. Because, it is known that Xiaomi Yi has the function and quality equivalent to the Gopro Camera. Very suitable for you to use in outdoor photography activities. 

In addition, you also need to try Xiomi products that are no less interesting. Xiaomi 5A and Note 5A, are the choice types of this smartphone brand that are also in demand by Users. Then, what are the differences between the two types? Just immediately check below. Cekidot!

1. Camera

The most important difference from Xiaomi 5A and Note 5A lies in the camera. The Xiomi Note 5A camera is more prominent in terms of the front camera. So, pamper you who like selfies. With a front camera specification of 16 mega pixels, equipped with LED selfie light feature. So, it produces clearer and sharper images. Looks beautiful and interesting to look at. For the rear camera it is 13 mega pixels. While Xiaomi 5A, more highlights the rear camera which is 13 mega pixels. Equipped with LED feature support. For selfie cameras only 5 mega pixels.

2. Storage Room

The storage space on the Xiomi Note 5A is wider than Xiaomi 5A. On the Xiaomi Note 5A there is 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory. While Xiaomi 5A, uses 2 GB RAM and 16 GB of internal memory.

3. Processor

Both are using a middle class processor. The difference lies in the type used. Xiaomi 5A is armed with Snapdragon 425 Octa Core. Whereas, the Xiaomi Note 5A is powered by the Snapdragon 425 Quad Core.

4. Screen

For those of you who like the world of video or a Youtubers, of course you need a smartphone with a wider screen. Yes right, because it can support the performance of the images and impressions produced. Well if that is the case, then you are suitable using the Xiaomi Note 5A. Because, this type has a specific screen that is wider than Xiaomi 5A. For Xiaomi Note 5A, it has a 5.5-inch screen. While Xiaomi 5A, provides a 5-inch screen. Although there are differences, both of them also have similarities in terms of resolution, namely 1280 x 720 pixels and are supported by IPS technology.

5. Battery

Battery is another consideration in choosing a smartphone. Because, with a qualified battery capacity, of course, can have a longer resistance. So, you don't need to be often chargered right? Well, related to this, Xiaomi provides specifications that are quite capable. There is a difference between Xiaomi 5A and Xiaomi Note 5A. The 3000mAh battery is implanted in Xiaomi 5A, and 3,080 mAh is attached to the Xiaomi Note 5A.

Now that's the full review of the 5 Differences of Xiaomi 5A and Note 5A that are the most prominent, if there are questions please write in the comments column at the bottom, huh. That is all and thank you.

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